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LEO Loves: 2016 Trends

As we kick off the 2016 wedding season, we're excited to share some of the trends we've seen pop up. From alternate desserts to non-floral centerpieces, there are so many things we can't wait to show you!

Non-Floral Centerpieces

Gone are the days when every single table had to be graced with large, floral centerpieces. Now, there are so many more options! Crystalline candelabras, thrift store finds, clusters of candles - the only limit here is your imagination! You can even use other natural elements, like large palms, wispy leaves, vines, fruit, or vegetables can add a colorful pop to your decor.

Contemporary Choirs

Surprise your guests with live music. Ask a local college acapella group to sing for your first dance, or arrange for the choir to serenade them during cocktail hour. Either way, it will keep everyone entertained, and add a dash of drama to your event!

Cake in Unexpected Places

Cake on a swing? Sure, we can do that! Set your cake apart by paying special attention to how you display it. Surround it with florals, place it on a lighted pedestal, or hang it from the ceiling. Whatever you choose, it is sure to make an impression on your guests, and create an amazing photo op.

Don't Forget the Groom!

From socks and shoes, tie tacks and cuff links, bow ties and pocket squares, there are so many options for men's attire. Why not spare some time to let the groom's personality shine through the choices of his accessories? You can even do a quick change between the ceremony and reception.

Alternate Desserts

Wedding cake isn't going anywhere, but that doesn't mean you can't treat your guests to a sweet treat. Think doughnuts, mini pies, snow cones - anything your sweet tooth desires. Break it out at the end of the night, or have it waiting for your guests when they come in to your reception.

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