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Internships/Event Planning Classes

LEO is currently accepting interns.  We receive approximately 3-4 requests for internships each week due to the increased popularity of the field. This industry has become highly saturated and, in turn, an extremely competitive market in recent years. It is increasingly difficult to get into the industry, and experience is imperative. The fact that you are doing

your research tells me that you are moving in the right general direction.





The internship program at LEO Design Gallery lasts one year; the internship positions are unpaid, but they are very flexible in regards to scheduling. We choose from the hundreds of applicants to schedule interviews for these positions as they come available. Our internship program is difficult to enter due to the high volume of applicants, but the experience is unparalleled. You will be involved in as many events throughout the year as your schedule allows, and you will experience the same level of exposure to event planning and coordination as an assistant coordinator for each of the events.


A portfolio of events completed and a letter of recommendation will be available upon completion.



Event Planning Classes

Turn Your Love for Party Planning into a Career.


Wedding and event planning is an incredibly exciting.  LEO is now offering event planning classes that offer real experience combined with the know how of  experienced event industry professionals. 


The Complete Course in Wedding & Event Planning.


This Course thoroughly addresses everything you need to know about the art and business

of wedding and event planning. From creating a guest list, to hiring vendors, to creating a beautiful wedding design, we cover everything you need to orchestrate a memorable event.

A certificate will be awarded upon apprenticeship completion, and the use of approved media may be included in your portfolio.


Table Setting for Wedding
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